Green Genomix offers an at-home DNA test that analyzes genetic variants related to many features and functions of an individual's biological makeup to help evaluate certain aspects of how they might experience THC and CBD, and thus replace the trial and error approach most take to identify the optimal cannabis products. The reason we decided to do this comes down to one thing: our mission.

Our mission is to maximize the medicinal benefits of cannabis through scientific discovery. This mission was created before we developed the product and has remained constant through each change that Green Genomix has undergone. The question still stands though – why is this our mission? Why are we doing what we're doing? Where did the idea of genetic testing for personalized cannabis come from? It all started with science and compassion.

Although the cannabis industry is growing faster than our scientific understanding of cannabis, we know one thing for sure - the medicinal value of cannabis has an exceptionally positive impact on the lives of many people. From helping veterans cope with PTSD to decreasing the seizure frequency in people with epilepsy, the medicinal value of cannabis has been thoroughly demonstrated. Despite this, a comprehensive scientific understanding of cannabis is still lacking which prohibits further growth in the industry. Recognizing this lack of scientific leadership and discovery is what planted the seed that is now our mission.

Scientifically speaking, there are multiple variables governing the experience that one will have when using cannabis. The most significant of these include an individual's unique biological makeup, their experience with cannabis, their lifestyle, the cannabinoid content of the product that will be used, and the method of consumption. Knowing as much as possible about each of these variables is important, as it maximizes the predictive power regarding which cannabis products will be medicinally best for an individual. One of the most efficient ways to learn about an individual's biological makeup is to analyze their genes. This is why genetics is one of the factors that Green Genomix considers. Therefore, it goes without saying that we didn't choose to use genetics as a part of our process, but rather science warrants the use of genetics.

As more individuals participate in our research, we're able to expand our scientific knowledge set which moves us closer to achieving our mission. One day, cannabis will be a powerful alternative to expensive pharmaceuticals, it will be able to target a variety of specific ailments, it will help alleviate opioid dependence, it will be used socially as a safer alternative to alcohol, and so much more. We'll see these things through to the end no matter the work that's required, no matter the existing federal legislation, and no matter the stigma.

Although there is still a ways to go in order to achieve this, the milestones we've achieved since the inception of Green Genomix demonstrates that we're on the right track. In May of 2018 we began assembling the science and in September we incorporated. Three months after incorporating we began marketing the first iteration of our DNA test – a simple cardboard box with a cheek swab and kit constructions. Communication with customers was conducted via email at the time, although not elegant, it worked well. Since then, our process has matured significantly. We now have an aesthetically-enjoyable saliva collection kit, a secure, unique, and user-friendly customer portal, and a robust gene panel that powers our personalized cannabis-optimization engine.

In order to achieve our mission substantial leaps in our scientific understanding of cannabis and human biology are required. We'd love for you to become a part of the positive change that cannabis will have on the world, and even learn some new information about yourself along the way. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us and shoot us an email at if you'd like to chat.